WHC Team Managers

West Halifax Cheerleading uses a “Team Manager” (formerly known as a “team mom”) system for assisting the coaches and owners through the day-to-day management of the team, athletes, and the facility.

The following are your Team Managers for 2017-18.

Senior Team Managers (to assist with all teams and office duties): Caren, Christine, Amy Dickson and Kim Loughran

Charm: Danielle Hansen O’Farrill, Norah Carson, Tanya Morris
Love: Stephanie Carlisle, Roxanne Dimmer
Devotion: Natalie Boyles & Patricia Swinamer, and the senior team managers
Crush: Kim Caines, Susie Murphy, Patricia Swinamer
Courage: Crush & other Sr. Team Managers to help manage this team.
Ambition: Patrick Wood and Elissa Garcia
Brilliance: Susie Murphy, Kim Caines, Marnie Ells, Patrick Wood
Wonder/Innovation: Natalie Boyles
Brave: Sherry Mitchell and Margo MacLeod
Charisma: Bonnie Beairsto Rafuse, Kim Dunlop, Marie-Line Bouchie, and Patrick Wood.
Envy: Stephanie Carlisle, Roxanne Dimmer
Prodigy: Judith Baker McNeil


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