WHC Team Managers

West Halifax Cheerleading uses a “Team Manager” system for assisting the coaches and owners through the day-to-day management of the team, athletes, and the facility.

The following are your Team Managers for 19-20 – Season 12.


Please note that we have assigned TMs to specific teams, even though their (multiple) kids may be on more teams. That doesn’t mean you cannot help in those areas, but we tried to limit the number of teams each person manages was no more than 2 teams.

We are open to suggestions according to your schedule to move TMs around to other teams, we just wanted to make sure we have even coverage.

Team Team Managers
Wonder (Pre-Competitive) Dorris Thibeau
Mini Novice Spark Justyne Alchorne
Prodigy Doris Thibeau, Natalie Boyles, Heather Field, Paige Sutherland
Destiny Amy Dickson
Brilliance Courtney Dempsey, Phelicia Labrador
Crush Patrick Wood, Judith McNeil, Julie MacPherson
Brave Susie Murphy, Patrick Wood
Charm Marnie Ells, Judith McNeil, Kim Caines
Kim Caines, Susie Murphy, Margo MacLeod
Devotion Rachel Toner, Phelicia Labrador
Tenacity Rachel Toner
Ambition Margo MacLeod, Sherry Mitchell, Tanya Morris, Norah Carson
Synergy Bonnie Rafuse, Danielle Hansen O’Farrill, Kim Dunlop
Love Bonnie Rafuse, Kim Dunlop, Danielle Hansen-O’Farrill
Envy Dennette Hanna-Shea, Roxanne Dimmer, Amy Dickson


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