WHC Team Managers

West Halifax Cheerleading uses a “Team Manager” (formerly known as a “team mom”) system for assisting the coaches and owners through the day-to-day management of the team, athletes, and the facility.

The following are your Team Managers for 2018-19.

Senior Team Managers (to assist with all teams and office duties): Christine Fyfe, Amy Dickson, Kim Loughran & Caren Yeomans.

Team Team Managers
Mini Novice Spark & Pre-comp Kim Riley, Dorris T, Phelicia Labrador, Nancy Snow
Prodigy Natalie Boyles
Destiny Delana Nichol, Amy Dickson
Brilliance Judith McNeil, Susie Murphy
Cherish Judith McNeil, Marnie Ells
Crush Susie Murphy, Kim Caines
Brave Kim Caines, Patrick Wood
Tanya Morris, Sherry Mitchell, Norah, Danielle H-F
Devotion Norah Carson
Tenacity Margo MacLeod, Patricia Swinamer
Ambition Michelle McMillan, Natalie Boyles, Margo MacLeod
Charisma Danielle H-F, Marie-Line Bouchie
Love Kim Dunlop, Roxanne Dimmer, Bonnie Rafuse
Envy Dennette Hanna-Shea (plus other Sr TMs)
Reverence Amy Dickson, Bonnie Rafuse


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