Travel Teams

WHC typically does one travel trip per year. The teams that are travelling are typically determined by September, or earlier, and families are given plenty of notice.

For the 2019-20 season, WHC has selected two travel teams who will be competing at The Open – Cheer and Dance Championship, May 1-3, 2020, hosted at Universal Resort in Orlando, Florida.

WHC is going to Worlds 2020 with our Worlds Team Envy in Orlando, Florida, April 2020.

Our teams also often travel to New Brunswick, Truro, or Cape Breton for competitions.

Previous trip locations include:

  • Orlando, Florida (Worlds) 2019 with IO 5 Envy
  • The One Cheer and Dance Finals, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 2019
  • Cheer Evolution Canadian Nationals, Niagara Falls, April 2018
  • American Cheer Power Tournament of Champions, Tampa, Florida, Apri 2017
  • NCA, Daytona, Florida, April 2016
  • Encore Championships, Springfield, Massachusetts, April 2015
  • American Cheer Power, Orlando, Florida, April 2014
  • Canadian Championships, Montreal, Quebec, May 2012
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