Prep Cheer

Prep Program:

  • Youth Prep (DESTINY): 6-11 years old
  • Junior Prep (Name of team is TBD) – 8-14 years old


WHC introduced it’s first Prep program in 2018-19, our Youth Team, Destiny, which was an extremely successful team (CNS Provincial Champions and Prep Grand Champs in 2019!). Prep programming is a great way to be introduced to competitive cheer, but with less cost and commitment.  For 2019-20, WHC will be adding a second prep team, a junior team. Prep team summer practices (1x per week) are optional, just like our semi-competitive (performance and novice teams). In the fall, these teams will increase their practices to 2 1-hour practices per week and will learn a routine. During competition season, they will compete against other prep teams. Prep team rules and score sheets are level 1, similar to our AllStar Level 1 teams, however, they have less difficulty, which is why it’s such a great introductory program. At competitions, they will compete 1 day of a two-day event, and perform the opposite day (not be judged), so they can get the two-day experience. This will be the case, unless the regulations from Cheer Canada and Cheer Nova Scotia indicate that they compete just 1 day. They will also not travel further than 1 hour outside of HRM, and have a less costly uniform.


To register for WHC Prep Cheer, please visit this link.

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