Dal student Chat

<!– This script will not interfere with the button layout, you just need to include it in the same page. It must also be within the section of the page, preferably just before the ending tag. –> window.__8x8Chat = { uuid: “script_2823718895f985cc24151d1.79073040”, tenant: “REFMUkVHSVNUT0ZGSUNF”, channel: “Dal Chat Channel”, domain: “https://odcc2.bell.ca&#8221;, path: “/.”, buttonContainerId: “__8x8-chat-button-container-script_2823718895f985cc24151d1.79073040”, align: “right” }; (function() { var se = document.createElement(“script”); se.type = “text/javascript”; se.async = true; se.src = window.__8x8Chat.domain + window.__8x8Chat.path + “/CHAT/common/js/chat.js”; var os = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0]; os.parentNode.insertBefore(se, os); })();

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