Coaches in Training

CITs for 2018-19

We did our best to accommodate everyone. Please advise if you can no longer fulfill your CIT position, as there are some who were not selected.

Effort was undertaken to avoid having the athletes in the gym too many days per week. Consideration was also taken to try to place the oldest CITs with the older teams, so that there was an age-gap between the CIT and the athletes she is helping to coach.

CITs are expected to take direction from the WHC Head Coaches, and abide by the code of conduct. A CIT training session will be scheduled. CITs should wear WHC practice gear when possible, and be attentive, present, and engaged. CITs should not be sitting during practice.

Pre-Comp & Mini Spark (combined for summer):

Lilly Priske Pre comp (sept)
Emily Morgulis Pre comp (sept)
Nikol Daiman Pre comp (sept)
Alexandra Dzierzanowska Pre comp (sept)
Shelly Shpoker Pre comp (sept)
Sara Wehbe Pre comp (sept)
Mackenzie Douglas Mini Spark
Abigail Duggan Mini Spark
Hailey Gillis Mini Spark
Jayden Diplock Mini Spark


Katie Mattatall
Dreya O’Farrill
Sammy Wallace
Kayla Zwicker
Emma Zwicker


Emmy Dort
Loghan MacLeod
Danielle Swinamer
Grace Carey
Charley Turner


Katie MacMillan
Mackenzie Martin
Julia Mitchell
Maddie Bartlett


Malaya Douglas
Jenna Emanuel
Laura Rafuse


Zoe Carlisle
Kimmi Wheatley


Fiona Conrad
Asa Dort
Melayne Carson
Alli MacDonald


Sammy Loughran
Aliya Moffatt


 Grace  Carey



The following athlete(s) will be CITs for the WHC Learn to Cheer program (offered in the fall and again in the winter), and will also be considered alternates for a pre-competitive or competitive team above:

Hailey Labrador

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