All-Star Cheer

All-Star competitive cheer

WHC has had all-star competitive cheer teams since 2008. We have all-star competitive teams for ages 5 and older, and for levels 1 to 6.

All-Star competitive cheerleaders are placed on teams after placement sessions early June and are expected to commit to the team for the full season, and the pricing is designed to cover a full year of cheer fees; not a per term rate. Team practice times vary depending on age and skill level for the teams. They practice once per week in the summer, but in the fall, practices are mandatory and are at a minimum, 2x per week not including additional choreography sessions that are scheduled in the fall. These athletes are expected to compete at all competitions that WHC is attending, both days of a two-day event, and all efforts to attend all practices must be upheld. All these teams wear the same (or a similar) uniform, with the exception of Mini Prodigy, who wear a less costly uniform.

Try-Out Process

To join our pre-competitive Tiny Wonder team, our Mini Spark Team, or either our Junior Prep Team, tryouts are not required, unless the athlete wishes to attend the sessions to understand more about how cheer works, and to be introduced to the gym.  Registration can be completed using our online registration system. The schedule will be created once teams are formed.

To join our AllStar Competitive Teams, an athlete must be assessed and placed on a team. We take new members on our all-star teams, but the team as to which they are placed is decided on by the WHC staff. WHC staff may also recommend athletes spend a season on one of our prep or novice teams prior to being on an allstar team.  To register for our placement sessions, please go here. 

If you are interested in pre-competitive (U6 – ages 3-5), U8 Novice (Mini ages 5-8), or U17 Prep (junior, ages 6-14) teams, you do not need to attend all-star placements, and can register directly through here.  More information on these teams can be found here:

Tiny Wonder (Prep-Competitive for young athletes)

Mini Novice Spark

Prep Cheer

If you’re interested in being a member of one of our competitive all-star teams, please contact us at for an information package.

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