September 25, 2017

Hello everyone

Upcoming in the Orange Dome:
Themed Practices:  The week of  September 25-October 1 is  NEON WEEK!!! Come dressed to your  LAST practice of this week with your  brightest ( NEON)  outfit!!! (for most of you, this will be  Sunday, October 1).  Coaches and Team Managers, remember to take and post lots of pictures for social media!
Closed Practices:  In a previous email, we stated that pre-competitive and Mini Prodigy were exceptions to the closed practices. It was an error to state that Prodigy was an exception. Prodigy practices are closed during the last two weeks of the month to parent viewing, like the other competitive teams, except for very specific circumstances.
Choreography: The choreography dates have been posted  on our website. Note that the originally posted date for LOVE has changed (was originally  October 14 and is now  October 21).
First choreo sessions for SEASON 10 (this upcoming weekend) include:
September 30

Brilliance:  9 am – 12 pm
Courage:  5 pm – 8 pm

October 1
Envy:  10 am – 1:30 pm

***Please remember to arrive on-time and ensure you have lots of water, healthy snacks, and patience.***

NOTE: Saturday, September 30 (Brilliance & Courage Choreography): There will be an event ( Ride for Cancer) also being held at 115 Chain Lake Drive. We have spoken with the organizer, and they have assured us that they will have most of the vendors & set up on the right side of the building, and thoroughfare to our location/parking lot will not be blocked passed  7:30 am.  No one should have any trouble getting in or around the gym, but please be aware that this is happening at the same time.
Thanks, have a great week!
Erica, Jana, and Ashley
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