September 15, 2017

Dear WHC Families,

A few short updates:
Coaches Retreat: The coaching staff’s annual fall meeting/coaches retreat is this weekend. We will be solidifying some of our plans for this year (SEASON 10!), evaluating teams to see if additional cross-overs or movements of athletes are required, and also looking at our 2018 travel plans.  Currently, as identified in the information package, we would like the Senior teams to travel, and the tentative date planned is the first weekend in April 2018.  We will be looking into options, finalizing the choices, and from there we will be holding some parent meetings, forming a committee, and looking to our Senior Team Managers to help organize.
Note that since Devotion is a 2.0 team, not all competitions offer this division. So while we are considering senior teams will travel, this specific team is currently an unknown. We will be, again, finalizing these plans over the next several weeks.
Choreography dates:  We will be working through our planned choreography dates per competitive team this weekend. We will hopefully be able to communicate these to you next week. For background information for new parents, each team has 1-2 choreography dates where the coaches teach the bulk of the routine to the athletes that they will be competing the rest of the season. Depending on age/level, these sessions are typically at least 2 hours and attendance is critical (mandatory).  These typically will fall on a Saturday (any time) or Sunday morning.  If an athlete is unable to attend the mandatory choreography, it may have an affect on their role in certain areas of the routine, and a make-up session with one of the coaches or CITs may be required.
Open/Closed practices: Practices during the last two weeks of the month are closed to parent viewing, with few exceptions (Team Managers being one of these exceptions). This means that from September 18-30, practices are closed.  They will open again the first week in October, and this will be repeated each month.
September payments: The second installments of fees are due immediately.  Please contact for an account statement if required.  Due dates and amounts are available on the parent portal of our website. The password is westhalilife
Uniforms: We are happy to announce that we are in the final stages of the design of our AMAZING season 10 uniforms!! We will be looking to do uniform sizing in late Sept/early Oct. We will require assistance from Team Managers for this. Stay tuned for more information. Please remember that the cost of the uniform is not included in the fees, and full amount must be paid before the uniform can be distributed to the athlete.
Have a good weekend, and we will communicate any updates from our staff meeting early next week.
Erica, Jana, and Ashley
PS: Requests for statements, and/or emails may not be answered until Monday morning, but we will try our best to respond within a very reasonable time-frame.
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