June 28, 2017

Hi WHC Families,


We are now in the middle of our second week of practice for the 2017-18 cheer season!  A few housekeeping items:


Email List: We are working on cleaning up our distribution list. If you are no longer cheering and no longer wish to receive these emails, please let erica@westhalifaxcheer.com know and we will remove you as soon as we can.  We typically send out an email once every week or so.  Imperative information is also posted on our Facebook groups and other social media sites.


Facebook Groups: Each team has a Facebook group. We also have a main “West Halifax Cheer” Facebook group that is for all athletes, coaches, families, and staff.  This one can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/52440255018/. We STRONGLY encourage you to join the Facebook groups, as it is used as a frequent tool for communication in our organization.


Please comment in this group if you need to be added to individual team groups. The coach or Team Manager will add you.


Staff Introductions: Please take a few minutes to see who your Team Manager is.  You can also view the coaches and the coaches in training and other support staff photos. They can be found on the website under ‘WHC Leadership‘.



Canada Day Weekend – CANCELLATIONS: Please note that we are canceling Love & Charm practice on Monday, July 3, 2017 since it is a holiday. Their practice make-up times will be:

  • LOVE: Wednesday, July 5 from 8:15-9:30 pm
  • CHARM: Wednesday, July 5 from 7-8:15 pm


Safety Reminder: Due to the temperature in the gym (no AC) please come dressed for practice in lightweight clothing and bring water for hydration.  Also, remember your cheer sneakers and an elastic to put your hair up. 🙂


Viewing Policy: The gym is open for viewing all summer. Parents are asked to be in one of the viewing areas (Kitchen, ProShop, or Office).  You can also set up some chairs outside the gym garage bay doors (we usually open these if the weather is nice), however, please keep the noise level to a minimum. This is to help keep the temperate and volume down for your athletes’ safety.  It becomes a major issue when the athletes are not able to hear a coach’s instructions over the parents speaking.  We realize the rooms aren’t huge, but they are there for your convenience.


Unsupervised Athletes & Other Children: No athletes or children should be participating in cheer or tumbling without the supervision of a WHC coach or Tumbling Coach either as a tumbling lesson or cheer practice. Sometimes kids come early for practice, and then are tumbling on the strips without a coach supervising. Our insurance does not cover this, so it is 100% not allowed.  This also applies to younger siblings of the athletes. We realize how tempting it is to practice tumbling, but please refrain, especially if there is a practice and a tumbling lesson happening at the same time. Then it becomes a more severe safety issue due to the limited space.


Practice Times: Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your practice time, and be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the end of your practice. The gym gets very busy!


Absences: Please remember to email staff@westhalifaxcheer.com to report absences. This email address is accessed by all coaches, so they will all receive these emails.  You can also reach them individually. The coaches specific email addresses are also found on the website.


WHC Summer Camp is still accepting registrations!! https://westhalifaxcheer.com/summer-camps/


That’s all, have a great week!


Erica, Jana, Ash

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