August 29, 2017

Hi WHC Families,

This summer has flown by, our 2017-18 competitive season kicks off next week on Tuesday September 5, 2017 (following the Labour Day holiday- there will be no Monday practices)

Your WHC Athelte will now start the 2017-18 competitive “Fall Schedule” which changes to 2 mandatory practices per week as follows:

Love: 8-9:30

Charisma: 6-7:45
Charm: 6:30-7:45
Envy: 7:45-9:30

Prodigy: 6:00-7:00
Brilliance: 6:00-7:00
Devotion: 7:00 – 8:15
Ambition: 8:15-9:30

Courage: 5:45-6:45
Brave: 5:45 – 7
Crush: 7-8:15
Charisma: 6:45-8
Envy: 8-9:30

Wonder: 2-2:45
Innovation: 3-4
Prodigy: 3-4
Courage: 4:15 – 5:30
Brilliance: 4:15-5:30
Charm: 5:30 – 6:45
Brave: 5:45 – 6:45
Ambition: 6:45 – 8
Crush: 6:45-8
Love: 8-9:30
Devotion: 8:15-9:30

We recognize the struggle some will have to get to practices at 5:45 pm. We are looking into possible adjustments. We also recognize that due to the construction in the city that will continue into the fall, that even 6 pm practices may be difficult. At this point, we will wait a few weeks into September to see how it goes. If you’re going to be late, or absent, please simply email

*Please note if you have shown interest in being a “Cross-over” Athelte and are not yet on two assigned teams, please email to advise us of your on-going interest.

***Reminder Closed practices:

During the summer we have opened our doors to parent & sibling viewing. Effective September 5, 2017 parents will not be permitted viewing the last two weeks of the month (*exception mini Prodigy & pre-competitive).  For example in September, the week of Sept 18th and Sept 25th will be closed to viewing.


***We will soon be posting upcoming choreography dates. These are mandatory sessions where your WHC athlete will learn part of their 2017-18 routine. They will be in 2-5 hour chunks of time (depending on team/level).

Question: What do you do if you cannot attend?

Answer: Should you not be able to attend for extenuating circumstances, advance notice will be required by sending an email to asap!

Coaches will need to have another WHC Athelte to fill in. A private lesson with a coach will need to be booked to be caught up on what was learned. Please note, roles my be adjusted based on attendance.

Snacks breaks will be allocated- stay tuned for dates/times.

Other important reminders:

Returnables files: Your team managers are working hard to collect the WHC Returnables files (packages) from you. Please fill this out if you haven’t already done so and ensure it gets to your Team Managers ASAP.

Fees: The first fee installments are now past due, and the second installment is due in September. For your convenience, we’ve attached a copy of the fee structure to this email. Payment can be made in the gym, online ( – click “make a payment“), or via etransfer to (please use password: orange).

Parent Portal: As a reminder, a copy of our information package, returnables files, as well as the fee due dates can be found on our website if you click on Parent Portal. Password: westhalilife (i.e. west hali life with no spaces).

Facebook Groups: Each team has a Facebook group. We also have a main “West Halifax Cheer” group that is for all athletes, coaches, families, and staff.  This one can be found here:  In addition, we have a ‘West Halifax Cheer Mom & Dad’s’ Facebook group, specifically for parents. We STRONGLY encourage you to join the Facebook groups, as it is used as a frequent tool for communication in our organization.

Please comment in the main group if you need to be added to individual team groups. The coach or Team Manager will add you. You may have to become a Facebook “friend” to a coach or manager in order to be added to the group.

Absences: Please remember to email to report absences. This email address is accessed by all coaches, so they will all receive these emails. You can also reach them individually. The coaches specific email addresses are also found on the website.

That’s all, have a great week!

Erica, Jana, Ashley

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