Notices for Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dear WHC Families

Practices are open for viewing this week. As a reminder, they will be closed the last two weeks of November.

There are many notifications in this email, so please read carefully to see if anything applies to you. J


Choreography Dates: Please be mindful of the last few choreography dates! Note that Passion’s new date is Saturday, November 26 from 11 am – 1 pm.  Ambition also has a Choreography session from 6:30 – 8:30 on Saturday, November 26.

Team Unity Parent Session: On Tuesday, November 15 (TODAY), Unity parents are invited to an information session in the gym with the Coaches and Team Managers to understand how the rest of the competition season will go, including how competitions work, and what’s to be expected.

Tiny Wonder and Mini Innovation have a team builder scheduled for Friday, November 18 at the Bayer’s Road Bowlarama from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Please contact the Team Managers or coach (Britany) if you would like to bring snacks/food items for the kids. Parents/guardians are allowed to stay to help supervise their children.

Team Charisma is having a team building session on Friday, November 25, 2016. Please see your coaches and Team Managers for details!

Junior Travel Trip: The contract with the hotel is currently being finalized. Once that has been completed, Erica will email (and post in the FB group) the contact information so you can call and book your hotel rooms. Information on reserving a seat for the group flight will also be provided at that time.

WHC Annual Holiday Skating Party: WHC’s annual holiday skating party is December 3, 2016 from 2-4 pm. Hot chocolate and Timbits will be provided! The location is the St. Margaret’s Centre. Please bring a food donation to Feed Nova Scotia. There is no cost to attend this annual event.  It is open to all WHC athletes and their families.

Group tumbling class with Ashlee & Ayjay:  WHC is offering a 4-week tumbling class with Ayjay & Ashlee. To sign up, please visit this link. The cost is $35 plus tax per athlete. There are only a few spots remaining. Please contact if you have any questions.  Christine can also be contacted if an athlete wishes to be placed on a waiting list.

Charities/Community Events

Spryfield Santa Claus Parade: WHC is again participating in the Spryfield Santa Claus Parade on November 27. Practice times will be adjusted/canceled that day so that everyone can participate (exact adjustments TBD). We are asking for volunteers for a truck/trailer. If you can help, please email We are also asking ALL Coaches in Training (CIT’s) to attend and help organize the little kids participating.

Movember: WHC is a proud supporter of Movember.  There are flyers in the office for purchase for $1. You can write your name on them and stick them outside of the office/pro-shop. WHC will match donations!

Christmas Daddies: WHC is also a proud supporter of Christmas Daddies. We will be providing the opportunity for someone to put a pie in the face of one of their favorite coaches and/or Team Managers!!  There are four Coaches that have volunteered for this (Jana, Rachel, Alli, and Heff), as well as four Team Managers (Carol- Charisma, Patrick- Crush, Danielle- Charm, and Patricia- Passion/Pro-shop). For every donation that is made (any denomination) a raffle ticket will be issued.  That ticket will be designated to the Coach or Team Manager of your choosing, but remember to put your name on the ticket as well.  On December 1st, we will tally up all of the donations then draw 8 tickets.  The names on the tickets drawn will be the lucky ones who get to put a pie in the face of one of the above volunteers.  As of November 15, the jars will be placed in the Office/Proshop. The goal is to raise $750!!

Audrey’s Barbies: WHC is also collecting Barbies to donate to Audrey’s Barbies. There is a box in the gym where you can place any donated dolls. This a charity for a little girl that was from the Tantallon area who passed away at the Old Orchard Inn a few years ago.  Her parents collect Barbies at Christmas time and donate them. Some locations benefiting include women’s shelters, Salvation Army Toy Drive, kids staying in the IWK over Christmas, and similar organizations.


Fundraising Update: The annual WHC online Facebook Auction is now live!  Bids are open until November 20th. Rules are specified on the Facebook group. Please invite anyone you think might be interested in purchasing items! The link can be found here:

Erica, Jana, and Ashley

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