Notices for Monday, October 3

WHC Families,

A few notices this week:

Thanksgiving Gym Schedule:

*Sunday, October 9, 2016*: All regular team practices cancelled including Wonder, Innovation, Crush, Prodigy, Brilliance, Unity Charm, and Adore. Private tumbling is still a-go so long as the coaches provide their availability and athletes book the sessions.

*Monday, October 10, 2016*:
Charm and Ambition: Cancelled
Brilliance & Prodigy have an OPTIONAL tumbling class (combined) from 7-8:15. This is NOT mandatory, but available if you’d like to attend.

Other teams will have make-ups scheduled depending on the necessity and the coach/gym availability.

Head Lice
As school is back into full swing, please remember to check your children for head lice. We have had reports of a few of our athletes contracting lice at school, and where cheerleading is a close-contact activity, please remember to check your children frequently.

Uniform Sizing: Please remember to get in contact with your team manager if you still require getting sized for a new uniform!

Junior Trip: The Junior Trip travelling committee met last night, and we are working on solidifying some dates and locations. The Parent Portal section of our website (password is westhalilife) will contain a link to a page that contains all the trip information. I’m working on the document that will explain our itinerary to date, and I should have it uploaded by tomorrow. The travel committee will meet again on October 16, 2016, and we are tentatively planning a full parent & athlete meeting for all juniors travelling on October 30th. The time and location are to be determined, as the gym is not large enough to accommodate everyone, so we will most likely be booking a conference room at a local hotel or facility.

Please remember to join the Travel Group FaceBook group, and to check the website for the tentative itinerary in the next day or so.



Erica, Jana, Ashley

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