Final Senior Trip Info & Schedule

Hi Florida Travellers!


For those of you going tomorrow, which is most of us, ONE MORE SLEEP!!!


We have the schedule! It’s going to be a LONG day, but we’re going to have an amazing time!  Okay, as we mentioned at the meeting, there are actually TWO locations for the competition.  Some of our teams will be competing at the BandShell, and some at the Ocean Centre (2-minute walk from each other). However, all teams will be warming up at the Ocean Centre.


The buses will be leaving the BlueGreen Fountains resort at PROMPTLY 6:00 am, which means we all need to start loading onto the bus at 5:45 am. Ambition is the first team, and they need to be ready to check-in at 8 am, plus we need to have time to register, etc.


The buses will then be leaving Daytona Beach at approximately 6:30 pm (after final awards).


IMPORTANT: If you are NOT taking the bus from the Daytona Competition back to our Resort, please let us know before you leave Daytona. You will need to let us know in person (or via text to Erica (902)717-2503, Ashley (902)476-8812 or Jana (902)209-0600) if you are NOT going back on the bus so we do not hold up the buses leaving the competition looking for someone who has already left. Thanks!


The full schedule for each venue can be found here:


Ocean Centre:





WHC’s Specific Schedule is:


NOTE:  Due to out teams having to go back and forth between locations, practicing/performing back-to-back, etc, we are not going to have a Team Mom check-in time, only a meet time at the Ocean Centre (OC) outside the practice area.  As Senior Athletes, you should all be able to be responsible to know where you need to be, and when.  As a reminder, your coaches are not able to hold your items, so be mindful of what you’re bringing with you.


Ocean Centre

Ambition- L2 Small Senior A

Meeting time at OC practice area: 8 am

Practice: 8:12 am

Perform: 8:48 am



Love- L4 Senior B

Meeting time at OC practice area: 9:15 am

Practice: 9:25

Perform: 10:10


Awards for Ambition @ Ocean Centre – 10:30 am


Ocean Centre

Devotion- L1 Large Senior

Meeting time at OC practice area: 10:15 am

Practice: 10:23 am

Perform: 11:07 am


Awards for Love @ Bandshell – 11:10 am



Charisma- L3 Small Senior A

Meeting time at OC practice area: 11:25 am

Practice: 11:35

Perform: 12:25


Awards for Charisma (@ Bandshell) at 1:20 pm


Awards for Devotion (@ Ocean Centre) at 1:20 pm


Specialty Awards – Levels 1 – 4 (@ Bandshell) @ 6:20 pm


We are aware that the awards and performance times are in some cases at the same time in two different places, and other warm up times are during performance times, etc. Athletes should be aware that they may literally be running from one venue to another. Coaches will have to divide and conquer!


We request that everyone travelling on the trip ensures they are cheering on every WHC team, as much as possible. Show Florida how amazing our Orange family is!


Also, you’ll notice that the WHC team awards are at 1:20 pm. We are still planning to stay the rest of the day, and leave after the final/specialty awards ceremony for the Cheer Competition (the competition continues later into the night, but is mostly dance after 6:20 pm awards). Please pack accordingly (water, snacks, bathing suit, towel etc.).


After all our teams are done, you can relax at the beach, shop on the boardwalk, enjoy the nice restaurants and take in the competition. We decided to stay the duration of the day since we signed up for a full day of cheerleading, and our buses are also committed to these times. This is also our only opportunity for a full club beach day!


As discussed in the itinerary and the meeting, ALL ATHLETES must be on the bus going from the Blue Green Fountains TO Daytona! You may leave with your parents if you so choose (notifying Erica, Ashley or Jana first), but you MUST take the bus down to Daytona with the teams.

Thanks everyone! Any questions, please let us know!


Erica, Jana, Ash, Jess, Jo, Alli


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