Notices for Monday, April 12, 2016

Hi Everyone!

This week, practices are OPEN for viewing.


Up next: FLORIDA!

Florida final schedule: We are still waiting for the final competition schedule for the competition. Once I receive it, I’ll email it; post it on FaceBook and print copies!!

Availability: Many of the coaches and staff will be in Florida during the week of April 13-20 (some longer). Please be patient if you email or call, as there may be delays in us getting back to you. The following are the dates that some of us will be away:

  • Most of WHC’s senior athletes & parents (including Jessica Pickrem): Wednesday, April 13 – Wednesday, April 20
  • Jana Nickerson, Erica Royal, Ashley Astephen, Johanne Fahie, Rachel Webb: Wednesday, April 13 – Monday, April 25
  • Allison Garroway: Friday, April 15 – Wednesday, April 20

Statements: Reminder that all fees are overdue at this time. Statements were sent last week for anyone owing.  Please remember that they are accurate up to the end of March for payments (charges since March may be applied, and some of the recent fundraisers are also not yet applied). Any questions, please let me know. If you do not receive a statement, it is usually due to the fact that you do not owe any money, but again, if you would like to see it, please email


Practices for non-senior teams April 13-20, 2016:

WHC is working to provide continuity for teams during the senior trip to Florida. The following is the practice schedule during the week of April 13 – 21, 2016.

Note that Precision’s team is made up of many crossovers to senior teams, and many will be away, so it was decided that they will not have practice during the week the seniors are in Florida. 

  • Wednesday, April 13:  Passion, Adore, Charm (3 teams together) at 7-8:30
  • Thursday, April 14: CANCELED
  • Sunday, April 17: CANCELED
  • Monday, April 18: CANCELED
  • Tuesday, April 19: Brilliance & Prodigy & Unity (3 teams together) 6-7:30, Charm at 7:15 – 8:45
  • Wednesday, April 20:  Passion, Adore, Charm (3 teams together) at 7-8:30 pm
  • Wednesday, April 21: Passion, Unity, and Devotion (as per normal), and Charisma & Love will have a combined practice at 7 pm – 8:15 pm since some of our head coaches are still not back from Orlando at this time.




Annapolis Valley Cheer Challenge: April 30-May 1

We do not yet have the schedule for this competition, however, it is very likely the pre-competitive/performance teams will be on SUNDAY only; not Saturday. Once we receive a schedule, we will send it out.


Cheer NS Provincials: Hosted by West Halifax Cheer & Scotia Cheerleading AllStars

This competition will be held at the Halifax Exhibition Centre in Halifax. In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking for volunteers to help run the biggest NS Program hosted competition of the season! The dates are May 7-8, 2016.



2016-2017 WHC CHEER SEASON: Registration now Open!

Click here to register for next season!


WHC Staff is working on a great season for 2016 & 2017 starting with a separate skills evaluation session for our existing WHC athletes who are returning next season!


The Skills Evaluation Sessions for our existing/returning athletes will be categorized by Level (not just age). This session will be held on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Note regarding the Skills Evaluation Sessions: Athletes should be registering based on the team’s level that they are currently on. If someone is a Level 4 tumbler and on a Level 2 team, she should go to the evaluation sessions for Level 2/3 stunts. The point of these sessions is to have the athletes try more difficult stunts, safely, and with other experienced athletes, so we can evaluate whether someone is ready to learn the higher level skills. This is in comparrison to previous year’s placement sessions where our experienced athletes are teaching new friends how to do basic stunts, and the coaches cannot evaluate if Suzy (who is on a level 2 team) is really ready to try some level 3 stunts.

Everyone will et a chance to show us their tumbling skills, regardless of which evaluation sessions attended.


The evaluation sessions for brand new WHC athletes will be held the weekend of May 28 and 29, 2016. We will need some CIT’s and senior athletes to help out at these sessions so that the new kids can learn some basic stunts.

WHC Summer Camps are now Open for Registration!

We are going to be doing an expression of interest for staff when we return from Florida. Stay tuned for that, but the registration links are open! Please forward to anyone you think may be interested.


Thanks everyone!


Erica, Jana, and Ashley


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