Notices for March 1, 2016

Hi WHC Families

A few notices this week:

Closed Practices: This week practices are closed.


Maritime Meltdown Competition: It’s Maritime Meltdown week!!

Bracelets: Bracelets for athletes are required. Your team mom will be available to give you your bracelet when you arrive. Team Moms: There will be an envelope with all our athlete bracelets at the doorway. The first team is Devotion – so the team moms for that team will start handing out the bracelets to our athletes as they arrive. There will be checklists handed out to the Team Moms this week by Sasha & Aimee. If you arrive and there is no team mom at the door, you may have to post in the FaceBook group or text your Team Mom to come and meet you. This may happen if you arrive just as another team is performing, so please be patient.

Admission: Spectator cost is $10/day or $18 for the weekend.

Uniform: As this competition is in Truro, PLEASE be sure to pack or wear your uniform, sneakers and bow.


Snow at Maritime Meltdown: Please be aware that in 20+ years of coaching cheerleading, there has never been a competition cancelation due to weather. I realize that there was some weather forecasted for this weekend, but I understand it’s now changed to not be as threatening. However, please be aware that competitions will go on. If we end up in a “White Juan” type scenario, then it’s possible the organizers will cancel one day, and the competition will be a one-day event, but again, that has never happened. I recommend you sign up for the WHC Group Text to be sure you’re kept in the loop for weather-related changes/cancellations.


Maritime Meltdown Cheer Competition: Our next competition is March 5-6 in Truro at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre.  The schedule can be found on our website.   Please remember that there are awards ceremonies throughout the day on Sunday (not just at the end of the day).  Also, please remember that the performance teams (Wonder, Innovation, and Motivation) are on Saturday; not Sunday.


Attendance:  As per our policies, if an athlete misses practices during the last week leading up to a competition, WHC can change that athlete’s positions and/or replace her for that competition. This rule is in place due to safety reasons. If the routine is altered while the athlete is away, and there may not be enough time to safely teach the changes to the athlete, it can potentially be dangerous. This rule is not applied in every single case, but can be applied when/if necessary at the discretion the WHC directors.


March Break Camp: Still spaces in our March Break camp!! Please help spread the word. You can register for the whole week or just certain days. Cost is $45/day or $200 for the full week, HST included. There’ll be field trips (included!). The field trips are to the Canada Games Centre for swimming and to the Scotia Bank Cineplex Theatre to see “Zootopia”.


Statements: As this is the first week of March, I am planning to send out statements by early next week. Please keep in mind that it will only reflect payments made up to the end of February 2016. If you do not receive one, let me know. Also: Please be advised that fees are now due in full. 


Erica, Jana, and Ashley


Erica Royal

West Halifax Cheerleading

(902) 717-2503

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