Update on Trip – February 23, 2016

Hi Florida Travelers!

 Now that the dust has settled on Cheer Blast, time for the next round of planning. So a few things:
Data Gathering: 
  • I have almost everyone’s flight & accommodation info captured. I still have some outstanding info to collect but I’m at approximately 95% complete. I may require some additional information from some of you (sorry if I am stalking!). And thanks for your patience in me emailing you to collect all of this.


  • I have been helping a few people get their chaperon documentation in place, however, please be advised that it is YOUR responsibility to please make sure you have all and any of the necessary paperwork in place for travelling across the boarder. Passports are required for travelling by air. If you are not traveling as a full family unit (i.e. you & your daughter are going but husband is not, split families, separations, etc), you may require additional paperwork. Please be sure to get this sorted out in plenty of time to travel.


OPTIONAL Airport to Hotel on Wednesday April 13:

  • We are offering a bus for people to go from the Airport on Wednesday, April 13 after the Air Canada 1218 fight (the main WHC flight) gets in. This will be at a cost of $10 USD per person ($14.50 Canadian), that I can bill to people’s accounts. This will be at approximately 10:30 am (when the AC1218 flight lands and gives us time to get luggage, etc).
  • Shelley MacDonald is also looking into chartering a Shuttle for Wednesday, April 13 in the evening, as there is approximately 9-11 people getting in around this time. Once we have a price confirmed, people can also book this, and I can bill them through their accounts for the cost. It will be slightly higher than the bus (maybe $13 USD – we’re confirming).
  • The bus is not mandatory – people can make their own arrangements if they so choose.
  • If you or your athlete require the bus from the Airport to the Hotel on Wednesday April 13 at 10:30 (ish) AM, please email me erica@westhalifaxcheer.com letting me know how many seats, I’ll create an invoice for you. This cost is NOT included in the mandatory athlete fee, as it’s optional. 

MANDATORY Bus to Practice Gym on Friday, April 15:

  • We are still confirming a gym rental of local cheer gym in Orlando  on Friday, April 15. Once confirmed, we will take all the athletes and coaches from the BlueGreen Fountains hotel to the gym and back. We will provide more details when we confirm location and times. The cost of this bus is covered out of the athlete’s mandatory athlete fee and is for Athletes only. 
MANDATORY for Athletes: Bus to and from Daytona Beach on Saturday, April 16

  • We will fill two buses to go to & from Daytona Beach. We have 106 people signed up for this, and everyone has already been billed for it. If anyone has changed their mind and needs to add/subtract people for this bus ride, please let me know asap.
  • There will be no refunds on seats after April 1st.
  • The cost for this bus for the athlete is covered out of the mandatory athlete fee. Parents & siblings are extra – to date, everyone has been billed for this. 

OPTIONAL Bus to the Airport from the Hotel on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

  • We have arranged for two buses to go from the BlueGreen Fountains on Wednesday April 20 to the airport. One will be at approximately 7 am and one at approximately 10 am. The cost per passenger will be $10 USD ($14.50 Canadian) for this bus, and I can bill people through their accounts for this service.
  • If you or your athlete requires the bus from Hotel to the Airport on Wednesday April 20 at either time, please email me erica@westhalifaxcheer.com letting me know how many seats, I’ll create an invoice for you.  
  • We may also look into a shuttle later in the day for later flights, let me know if you would like this, and we can confirm if we have enough people for this


Daytona Tank Tops: 
  • Your team moms and travel committee reps have been asking through FaceBook for sizes for Florida Tank Tops. Please provide your size by the end of this week, or we may have to guess for you. 
  • We will be providing athletes and travelling coaches with a Daytona 2016 WHC tank top. All WHC athletes going to Florida will get one – even if they are not competing (for example, siblings of competing athletes who are also WHC athletes).
  • We would like to have the kids sized by the end of this week if possible. Caren has a size medium in the office, and they are the same Bella tank tops as we purchased for the Florida 2014 trip, so there should be lots of people with sizes if someone really wants to try on some other sizes.
  • Moms, dads, siblings, etc are more than welcome to purchase a shirt at a cost of $25 plus HST = $28.75
WHC Team Day – April 17, 2016
We are working on the planning for our Fun Day 2016. So far,  here’s what we have:
  • BBQ at 12 noon (hot dogs and fruit trays – light fare)
  • Immediately following lunch, then activities such as photo scavenger hunts, prizes, etc. This will only be max a couple of hours, because the girls will want to get ready for dinner.
  • Golden Corral – we have to be there no later than 5 pm. We have 142 people confirmed for the banquet, and we have our own area in the restaurant. It’s accessible via the Iride Trolly, you could walk it in about 20 minutes, or other people with cars might be able to do a few trips. We did not think it was feasible to get a bus to this place, as it is close to our hotel. If you have booked a seat at the restaurant but no longer need it, or require seats but haven’t told me, I need to know ASAP. No refunds for cancelled seats after April 1
  • After the restaurant, back to the hotel for music & pool party.
Fundraising: The money that has been collected as part of the team fundraisers for the senior trip – once I receive this, it will be applied to accounts like payments. If you’re paid up – it goes on there as a credit.
Letters for Schools for absences: If anyone requires a letter for their school to excuse the absences, I can happily write it. Give me a few weeks to get through all the requests.
Practices for Mini, Youth, and Junior while we are gone: We will do our best to still have the other teams practice while we’re away but many of the coaching staff will not be in the province to run those practices. Once I know for sure which coaches are going/staying we can plan for that.
I think that’s it.. the next big steps is getting the tank tops for the athletes & the people who want to buy one sized up.
We will have a final travel itinerary and meeting closer to the date!!
Thanks everyone,
Erica, Jana, and Ashley
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