Notices for January 4, 2016

Dear WHC Parents and Athletes,


Happy New Year!  We hope everyone had an excellent holiday break!


This week, practices are open.


WHC Annual Skating Party: Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the family skating party before Christmas. It was a lot of fun!!




I will be sending out statements before the end of this week. Please note that the majority of your cheer fees are due in full by the end of January 2016. If you have a significant outstanding balance, and you purchased your uniform through WHC, you will not be able to pick it up until payments are received. If you still owe a significant portion of your fees by the first competition, we have the right to withhold your competition privileges.  When I send the statements this week, please remember that they will be up to date as of the end of December 2015. The auction money will also not show up on the invoice until the next round of statements.



All uniforms have arrived at the gym.

If you have paid for your uniform to Total Spirit directly, you can pick it up in the office. If you have chosen to be billed through WHC for the cost of your uniform, you can ONLY pick up your uniform if you are up to date on your fees.


Bows have been ordered and will be arriving prior to our first competition!


General Reminders:


Weather: Be aware that winter is coming and roads can get slippery, as can the concrete floors in our gym. Please don’t wear your outside footwear on our mats, they often get stained with salt from outdoor shoes.



WHC Showcase (MANDATORY)- WHC’s 2nd Annual Showcase will be held at JL Ilsley High School on January 23, 2016 from 4-7 pm. We have the cafeteria as well so we can have refreshments. The showcase is an important annual event where all WHC teams showcase their routine for all other WHC teams prior to our first competition. This helps prepare all the athletes for competition and is a great way to show families and athletes all of WHC routines (without being at a full all-day competition).  This is hugely successful in helping get the performance “jitters” out for our athletes. The showcase is mandatory.



Competition Dates 2016:




Erica, Jana, Ashley

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