Notices for January 26, 2016

Hi WHC Families,


Wow what a great showcase weekend!! We’re so proud of all our teams. Thank you to everyone who helped set up, tear down, run the event, or show up to support our amazing athletes! This was our second ever showcase – and we’ll definitely be doing it again next season. Now that all the jitters are out, we’re more than ready to take the floor at Cheer Blast next weekend, February 5, 6, and 7 at Exhibition Centre (formerly Exhibition Park).


This week practices are closed.  **IMPT: Next week (February 1-4), practices will also be closed. We will always be closing practices the week leading up to competition. The exception is for parents who are helping create the backdrops and decorations for the Cheer Blast competition, but they must remain inside the viewing rooms.



Extra Practices: The following teams have extra practices scheduled this week:


Sunday, January 31, 2016:

·  Precision: 11 am – 1 pm

·  Devotion 1 pm – 3 pm

·  Love: 6-8 pm


Adore & Charm Sleepover: The Charm/Adore sleepover is officially a go for Friday January 29th at the Orange Dome! Drop off time will be 8 pm and pick up at 9 am Saturday. Bring your own sleeping bag & pillow and perhaps pack those cheer shoes in case of any spontaneous stunt/tumble sessions!


There will be no cost for the sleepover, but if you’re able to please feel welcome to donate a treat or snack for the girls.  Please contact if you can help out and we can coordinate this week who can bring what!


Cheer Blast Championships Volunteer Schedule. We have received lots of emails, texts, etc, from various people offering to help with the Cheer Blast volunteer schedule. Please take a look and make sure if you offered to help, that we’ve captured your name in the right spot. If you haven’t let us know but are still available/willing to help out, please do so!


March Break Camp registration is open!! Register for one day or the whole week! Great things planned:



Cheer Blast Championships: Information and Schedule. 

We’re excited to tell you we have our schedule for Cheer Blast. We do not expect this to change much, but as always, things may come up which result in slight changes, so make sure to leave yourself with plenty of buffer time when you arrive at Exhibition Centre. We will send out a follow-up email if the change is significant. However, we expect any changes that do happen will be slight, as the schedule for all teams has been circulated to the other cheer gym owners, and we are all good with it as of today.  This email is LONG, so please take ten minutes to read all of it. It’s very important information regarding our competition at Exhibition Park this weekend (February 6 & 7, 2016).  The schedule is at the bottom, but please read the points listed here as new information (new kids) or refresher for our seasoned athletes and parents.


Cheer Blast is proudly OUR competition, as our clubs (Scotia Cheer who co-hosts with us) benefit more from this competition than any other. Please tell all your friends and family that if they are to attend any competition this season, THIS is the one to come to! The cost for admission is $10/day or $18/weekend pass for adults. Children ages 5-12 are $8/day and $15/weekend pass. Children 4 & under are free. Athletes are to use the Athlete Entrance and all other spectators are to use the main entrance. CASH only (sorry no debit or credit, but there is an ATM in the facility).


Volunteers should check the schedule on our website for your times to make sure everything works for you. For those of you who are working during the event, we have volunteer t-shirts. We also have access bracelets for those who are working during the competition. The truck is scheduled to arrive at our gym on Friday night at 6 pm (exact time to be confirmed) to disassemble the floors and to bring them to Exhibition Centre. We’ve typically been able to do the whole move in about 1.5 -2 hours, so we hope that we can also do it efficiently this year.


For many of you, this is your first competition. A few things you need to know (please read! Your coaches and team moms will go over this with you and can answer any questions on items we may have missed here):


1)      Come to the competition ready. There will be over 70 teams of athletes, plus spectators, parents, coaches, all running around, often frantically. This is also OUR competition that we host, so many of your parents and team moms and coaches (and us) will be busy with the hosting duties. Therefore, you will have to get ready at home, or come early enough to have someone do your hair and makeup (make arrangements for this ahead of time – don’t show up expecting someone to be ready and available at any given time). Do not expect to have time and space in the bathrooms to get ready.   You can wear your hair as you like, but NOT in your face or falling on your shoulders. Your coaches may have more specific hair requirements for your specific team. A rule of thumb is that if your flyer has to move your hair to grab your shoulder, it should be tied up more. Flyers: if you have to touch your hair to move it out of your way, it’s in your way. It MUST be tied up out of your face. You can also wear as much or as little make up as you want; we do not have strict rules around this. Your coaches can tell you how they want the bow to be specifically (ask Jana – this is her thing!), but it should be visible when looking at the athlete face-on.
2)      Come at the times listed below for your team OR EARLIER. As a coach, it is a nightmare to be taking a team out back for warm up and Sally and Mary are nowhere to be found. Competitions are stressful; please do not make it worse by disappearing when your team is warming up!! Pay attention to the time, and also to Facebook throughout the day (if you have a Smart phone). If we can’t find athletes, then we will post in the groups or text you if we have your cell number handy. If you see said missing athlete, send them immediately to warm up area or to wherever we’ve requested on the posting. The team moms will be doing a first check-in for our teams prior to sending them back to Hall D for warm up.
3)      We are not responsible for your children throughout the day. If you are going to drop your child off at Exhibition Centre for the day unsupervised, we cannot be held responsible for him/her. We have too many athletes and need to focus on each team’s performance to do this. We are not responsible for your items either. Parents make great dumping stations, but please, be careful of bringing too many valuables to the facility.
4)      There will be lots of vendors set up selling cheer gear, jewellery, bows, etc. Parents: be aware that these vendors are set up, and your kids will come to you looking for money to buy stuff. Can’t say you weren’t warned.  🙂
5)      Parents: it’s really nice when you all wear similar WHC clothing or colours and sit together! It’s easy to find you and subsequently, your kids. 🙂  We love our orange and black cheering section!
6)      Do not take a lot of valuables to the arena, or parents, expect to be a dumping ground for your kids’ stuff. Not a lot of room to be carrying around phones, cameras, jewelry. Best course of action is to leave it home, or leave it with someone (a parent) in the stands.
7)      No jewelry; no exception. If you wear jewelry, we lose points, this includes things being taped. Please do not ask us or the other coaches if taping this is okay, or this new piercing, can I leave it in, it hurts to take out, no one will see it, etc. Believe us, we’ve heard it all. Your team will lose points for your jewelry. We don’t think the coaches will be willing to have worked 8 months of the year to lose points in a performance for jewelry. The judges deduct for jewelry; no exceptions. This is a Cheer Nova Scotia and USASF rule, not a WHC rule.
8)      No nail polish. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the paramedics need to be able to see your fingernails for circulation. No nail polish.
9)      For the warm up circuit area: no parents are allowed back here. It’s not for very long, but typically we have five minutes to check in, five minutes for a team picture, five minutes to stretch, five to warm up tumbling, and five to run the routine. Then there is a short wait, and then we compete the routine.
10)   For the tumbling warm up and open tumbling on the main arena floor: NO WHC ATHLETE IS TO WARM UP LINES/PASSES NOT BEING COMPETED THAT DAY. We can sadly count MANY times where the adrenaline and excitement of a competition has led an athlete to believe he/she can FINALLY do a back-handspring un-spotted, and ends up spraining a wrist/ankle, etc. This leaves he/her unable to compete and the team and coaches scrambling to find a fill in with 5 minutes before performance. Believe us, this is NO fun for anyone.  If we find any athlete doing a pass or tumbling skill that is NOT being performed on THAT DAY, then a written warning will ensue. Any questions on this, ask your coaches.
11)   Doors to the arena open at 8:30 am. If we are set up to accept spectators before 8:30, we will do so, but NO promises till 8:30 am. Cost to get in is $18 for a two day pass or $10/day. For children ages 5-12, its $8/day or $15/two day pass, and kids 4 and younger are free. Athletes will require bracelets, which will be given out this week leading up to Cheer Blast.
12)   The canteen will be available (hot dogs, fries, chips, other unhealthy stuff), so we suggest you bring healthy snacks. Don’t forget to EAT!! Too many times we hear of kids performing at 3 pm and haven’t eaten anything that day. EAT. You’re putting yourself and your team at risk. Hydrate as well, bring lots of water.
13)   After you compete on Saturday, you may leave, but we strongly encourage you all to stay and cheer on your fellow WHC teams. On Sunday, you are all required to be there for awards WITH YOUR FULL UNIFORM ON.  Team pictures with excited and proud faces after awards look so much better when the athletes are dressed in their uniforms, and not baggy sweatpants and half of a uniform. You can dress comfortably throughout the day, but put your uniform back on for awards.
14)   When you are at the competition in WHC clothes, you not only represent yourself, but you also represent your family, your coaches, and us. DO not talk about other teams in a negative way, do not criticize other teams’ skills, uniforms, etc. People will hear you, and SOMEONE always tells us. We will discuss the competition results at the practice following the awards. The judges are the final say, and we must respect that. In circumstances where allowed, we can contest a ruling, but for the most part, you need to have faith and respect in their judgement. Do not be a sore loser or a boastful winner.


15) Don’t forget to bring your sneakers! If you have a locker at the Orange Dome, please take your sneakers with you after your last practice next week!


SCHEDULE (The schedule is the same for both Saturday & Sunday, except for the pre-competitive teams, Innovation and Wonder, and Motivation which are on Sunday only).  This will also be posted on Facebook and on our website. Remember that we are at the mercy of how fast the judges are getting through the teams, so the times are approximate. In years past, we’ve been on time, ahead, and behind in schedule. 



Arrive at Exhibition Park:  8:30 am

Check in with your Team Mom: 9:00 am

Begin warm-up cycle: 9:36 am




Arrive at Exhibition Park:  9:15 am

Check in with your Team Mom: 9:45 am

Begin warm-up cycle: 10:12 am




Arrive at Exhibition Park:  9:45 am

Check in with your Team Mom: 10:15 am

Begin warm-up cycle: 10:42 am




Arrive at Exhibition Park:  10:20 am

Check in with your Team Mom: 10:50 am

Begin warm-up cycle: 11:18 am




Arrive at Exhibition Park:  11:15 am

Check in with your Team Mom: 11:45 am

Begin warm-up cycle: 12:12 pm




Arrive at Exhibition Park:  11:15 am

Check in with your Team Mom: 11:45 am

Begin warm-up cycle: 12:18 pm




Arrive at Exhibition Park:  12:00 pm

Check in with your Team Mom: 12:30 pm

Begin warm-up cycle: 1 pm

COMPETE: 1:30 pm



Arrive at Exhibition Park:  12:30 pm

Check in with your Team Mom: 1:00 pm

Begin warm-up cycle: 1:30 pm

COMPETE: 2:00 pm



Arrive at Exhibition Park:  12:30 pm

Check in with your Team Mom: 1:00 pm

Begin warm-up cycle: 1:36 pm

COMPETE: 2:06 pm



Arrive at Exhibition Park:  1:20 pm

Check in with your Team Mom: 1:50 pm

Begin warm-up cycle: 2:18 pm

COMPETE: 2:48 pm



Arrive at Exhibition Park:  1:30 pm

Check in with your Team Mom: 2 pm

Begin warm-up cycle: 2:36 pm

COMPETE: 3:06 pm




Arrive at Exhibition Park:  2:00 pm

Check in with your Team Mom: 2:30 pm

Begin warm-up cycle: 3:00 pm

PERFORM: 3:30 pm


Innovation (SUNDAY ONLY)

Arrive at Exhibition Park:  2:00 pm

Check in with your Team Mom: 2:30 pm

Begin warm-up cycle: 3:06 pm

PERFORM: 3:33 pm


Motivation (SUNDAY ONLY)

Arrive at Exhibition Park:  2:00 pm

Check in with your Team Mom: 2:30 pm

Begin warm-up cycle: 3:18 pm

PERFORM: 3:36 pm






Erica, Jana & Ashley

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