Notices for January 12, 2016

Hello WHC families,


Competition season is coming up! A few important reminders this week:


Mandatory Extra Practices: 

Sunday, January 17

 10 am – 1 pm

Love 7 – 9 pm



Sunday, January 31

Love 6 – 8 pm





All uniforms have arrived at the gym!


If you have paid for your uniform via Total Spirit directly, you can pick it up in the office. If you have chosen to be billed through WHC for the cost of your uniform, you can ONLY pick up your uniform if you are up to date on your fees.


Bows have been ordered and will be arriving prior to our first competition!



Cheer Blast Volunteer Schedule: The Cheer Blast competition is hosted jointly each year by WHC and Scotia Cheerleading All-Stars. WHC typically does most of the work on Day 1, and Scotia parents on Day 2, but we trade off on some tasks. The volunteer list and responsibilities can be found here:


Please take a look and let us know ( if you can sign up for any shifts! We appreciate all help, and need lots of hands on deck on the Friday & Sunday for set up & tear down.


For those of you who have never competed before, we will send a full run-down of competitions with next week’s email. The full schedule of the teams competing including the check in, warm-up, and compete times will be available by the end of this week. An important thing to consider is that ALL teams (except performance Innovation, Wonder, and Motivation) compete on both Saturday and Sunday!


Innovation, Wonder, and Motivation will be on SUNDAY only at Cheer Blast this year.



WHC Showcase (MANDATORY)- WHC’s 2nd Annual Showcase will be held at JL Ilsley High School on January 23, 2016 from (approximately4-7 pm. We have the cafeteria as well so we can have refreshments. The showcase is an important annual event where all WHC teams showcase their routine for all other WHC teams prior to our first competition. This helps prepare all the athletes for competition and is a great way to show families and athletes all of WHC routines (without being at a full all-day competition).  This is hugely successful in helping get the performance “jitters” out for our athletes. The showcase is mandatory.


We will send out a detailed schedule for Show Case next week with detailed arrival and performance teams per team. Please note that Group Tumbling on that day will not change (will still end at 3 pm), as those athletes will still have time to get to the Show Case afterwards before they have to perform.



March Break Camp-  WHC will once again be having a March Break camp this year.  Details will be available shortly. It will be run very similarly to the very successful summer camps we had this past summer! Stay tuned for more info and registration. Ages are school-aged (5) to 12.



General Reminders:


Safety: Please make sure children who are not participating in ongoing practices are in the rooms, this includes during the weekend. We realize they want to play on the equipment, but they cannot do this without a coach actively present.  This is especially important as we’ve had some near collisions with athletes on the tumbling mats, and small kids running in and around them.


Please do not bring food onto the mats. Water only. There have been some instances of kids eating freezies and having snacks on the mats.


Weather: Be aware that winter is coming and roads can get slippery, as can the concrete floors in our gym. Please don’t wear your outside footwear on our mats, they often get stained with salt from outdoor shoes.


Cancellations due to Weather: We generally aim to make a call for cancelled practices due to weather by 4 pm.  There are often instances when the weather is fine at 4 pm but then quickly deteriorates. We send an email, and post on Facebook when practices are cancelled. Last year we had a Group Text message that went out when practices were cancelled, we are going to be setting that up again this year. More information on how to subscribe to the group text will be coming soon. If you’re not sure if practices are on/cancelled due to weather, please contact us.


In our experience of 20+ years of coaching cheerleading, a competition has NEVER been cancelled due to weather, so please assume a competition will always be “a go.”


Competition Dates 2016:



Please remain outside of a 16 ft radius from the entrance to our gym, including opened garage doors, as per the HRM by-law.



As cute as all the new puppies are, please keep all pets outside of the gym at all times.  We have some athletes who are allergic to dogs.





Erica, Jana, Ashley

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