Notices for Monday, September 14, 2015

Dear WHC Families

I hope you all had a great weekend. The following are the notices for Monday, September 14, 2015.

Mandatory practices: Just a reminder that now that Fall has kicked in, cheerleading practices are now all mandatory. If you cannot attend, please remember to email This email address reaches all coaches and team moms, so they will be aware of your absence. This time of year, the coaches are working on forming stunt groups and choreography spots. If you miss a practice, you may not have the position or the spot in the routine you were hoping for.

Closed Practices: Now that we’re full into the fall season of cheerleading, we will be having some “closed” practices. A closed practice means that parents are not permitted to stay and watch the practice. Parents are asked to drop off their children (younger children can be brought into the gym until they are settled with their teams), but then we ask that parents respectfully leave the premises until it is time to pick up their child(ren).  Closed practices will be the last two weeks of every month. The first two weeks of every month are open – and parents are permitted to stay and watch should they choose to do so, as long as they stay in the kitchen/viewing room and not obstruct the tumbling strip or the walkway to the office.

WHC Team Moms are permitted to stay during closed practices (one or two should stay in the kitchen to sell water, etc, and the others in the office to take payments).  The athletes are permitted to wear sports bras to practice when they are closed.

The week of September 21 – 25 and September 28 – September 30 are closed practices.  (October 1 is NOT a closed practice, due it being Uniform Sizing Day – see below).

Please note that the Pre-competitive (Innovation & Wonder) practices and the Prodigy practice (Sunday only) are exempt from the closed practice rules, and parents are permitted to stay and watch, so long as you do not block the walkways, and remain in either of the viewing spaces. Obviously the children on the pre-competitive teams are the youngest athletes, so we can be flexible in these cases.

Head Lice: We are informing you that there has been one confirmed case of head lice with one of our athletes. The situation has been remedied, but we wanted to pro-actively inform you of the situation. Please be diligent in checking your child(ren), as cheerleading involves close contact with others, so we want to try to avoid this spreading.


Uniform Swap Day: We are having a Uniform Swap Day on September 27, 2015 from 5-6:30 pm. This is your opportunity to purchase a second hand uniform from someone who no longer is cheering with WHC, or has outgrown their uniform from last year. It is first come first serve. If you have a uniform to sell/swap, please contact or if you need one, please come this night to get one. If you have questions about what is available, please contact If you are unable to get a used uniform, you may need to purchase a new one (see below).


Uniform Sizing Day (new uniforms): Total Spirit Cheerleading will be visiting our gym on Thursday, October 1, 2015 from 7:30 – 10 pm to size all the athletes who require the purchase of a NEW uniform. This includes our tiny and mini cheerleaders (Wonder, Innovation & Prodigy). Please be sure to wear a sports bra/tank top and spandex shorts, as there are many children being sized, and there are only two bathrooms to get changed in. It goes much smoother if you are dressed in a way that you can quickly slip on a uniform top or bottom. If you are sized for a new uniform, you will then receive an invoice for the amount owed.  If you are unable to attend the uniform sizing night, your team mom will contact you and will help you figure out a size based on the sizing chart, and other similar sized athlete’s sized uniforms.

Statements: My goal is to send statements by the end of this week. Please keep in mind that any payments made after the end of August 31, 2015 will not be reflected on your statement, but any charges likely will be. We work on a monthly accounting cycle. As always, any questions about statements, please let me know. (

Choreography Dates: The choreography dates are posted on our website, here:

Please note that LOVE’s time on October 17, 2015 has changed from 4:30 – 8:30 to 5 – 9 pm.


WHC Senior Trip 2015: We are working on a destination and plan for the WHC Senior Team (Devotion, Charisma, Ambition and Love) trip for spring 2015. I am asking that if anyone is interested in being part of the Planning Committee to please let me know ( and we will have a meeting on Sunday, September 20 from 5-6 pm. Please note that this is a call for planning committee participants – people who are able to provide the time and commitment to help do the planning and organizing for 4 teams to travel. We have not 100% decided on a destination yet, as some competition organizers have not yet posted their dates, and we are considering all aspects of the situation (costs, length of trip, logistics of 4 teams in one place or if there will be two trips – and how that affects our MANY crossovers). Please let me know if you would like to be part of the organizing committee and we will meet on the 20th to discuss the options. Shortly after that meeting, we will make some decisions and begin the planning exercises. The intention is to go sometime in April 2016.

Cheer Blast 2016 and Provincials 2016: With the recent announcement that Exhibition Park will be closing this fall, we have had some challenges with where to host Cheer Blast 2016 and we are also responsible to host Cheer NS Provincials 2016. We have secured the arena in Truro, NS to host Cheer NS provincials 2016 in May.  We are currently looking at Saint Mary’s University to host Cheer Blast – we will know by the end of the week the final date and whether or not this location will work for Cheer Blast. Please be patient as we try to find an alternative location than Exhibition Park (L).


Theme Practices:  At WHC, we try to do themed practices once per month. For September, our theme is:

Theme for September (Week of 21 – 27):  Bright & Sparkly: Come dressed with your brightest (NEON) and most sparkly (GLITTER) outfit!! Note, please come dressed for the theme at your LAST practice of the week (you don’t have to get dressed up for both practices during that week).

Thanks everyone,

That’s all for this week,


Erica Royal

West Halifax Cheerleading

(902) 717-2503

*****This email is intended for people associated with West Halifax Cheerleading. If you have received this email erroneously, please contact to have yourself removed from our distribution list.*****

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