Notices for Wednesday, July 9, 2015

Good morning WHC families!


This week marks our first few practices of the 2015-2016 cheer season!


For your information, I send out emails, typically weekly, that communicate all the information regarding the upcoming events, any schedule changes, and any other information pertinent to your athlete and WHC.  If you know of someone who is not receiving my emails, please have them email me at and I will have them added to the distribution list.



Parking Lot/Gym:  Just a reminder to please drive slowly through the parking lot at our facility, as there are often small kids walking/running to and from their cars. Also, we prefer to have the few spots close to the door available for our coaches, as they are often at the gym long after all the athletes have left, and prefer not to have to walk all the way through the car dealership to the other side of the parking lot late at night.  Please remember to wear indoor shoes on our mats, and parents are asked to not walk on any of the blue mats with their outside shoes on.


Payments/Statements: For account management, you will typically receive an account statement approximately mid-month. It will reflect all payments up to the end of the PREVIOUS month. For example, you will likely receive a statement mid-July that will reflect your account payments as of the end of June. If you ever have any questions regarding your account, please email me and I can help you out ( We have two awesome account managers, Sasha Jardine and Aimee Landry who are busy creating the customer profiles for all of our 240 athletes this year! So please bear with us as we update/change/create the profiles to reflect everyone’s account for this season.

Note that your statements will NOT reflect the uniform cost. The cost of the uniform will be billed later in the fall, once we have a list of who needs to purchase a uniform and who does not. This is because some athletes already have one, some may only require to purchase one new piece, and some new athletes may have the opportunity to purchase one second-hand.


Payments can be accepted any time in the gym through one of your team moms (I will include their names in this email), or you can pay online using the “Make a Payment” link on our website. We also accept e-transfers. We also have a “Square” that allows us to accept credit card payments in the gym, but that won’t’ be until another couple of weeks.


Introduction of Staff:

On our website,, if you click on the “WHC Staff” link, there is a drop-down menu of sub-pages that list our staff including our Board of Directors (owners), WHC coaches, supporting staff, and WHC 2015-2016 Team Moms. Go and check it out!


Absences:  If at any time you will not be able to attend a practice, you need to email This email address is accessed by all the coaches and Team Moms, so you can be sure your message will be received.


FaceBook Groups: At WHC, we have a general FaceBook group (“West Halifax Cheer”) for all our athletes and their families. We encourage everyone to join this main group. We also have a Moms & Dads specific group, which we also encourage the parents to join. We also have a separate group for each team. These team-specific groups are great for posting videos of choreography, for getting to know your teammates and your coaches and your team moms, and for having a place for each team to communicate outside of the gym.  We are currently working on updating/creating all the FaceBook groups for the 2015-2016 Cheer Season. Once they are created, we will begin adding athletes (and their parents) to these individual team FaceBook groups.


Twitter: For all of you who use Twitter, follow us at @westhalicheer



Upcoming dates (Choreography):  Early in September, there will be choreography specific practices for each team. We do not yet have the dates for these, but depending on the age of the athletes, they can range from 2.5 hours to 5 hours for higher level teams. These choreography sessions are intended to teach the majority of the routine to the athletes.  Once these dates are confirmed, they will be added to the calendar and communicated to you all. These sessions will be mandatory.


Uniforms: Several people have been asking about uniforms. Since this is the 2nd year we will be using the same uniform, there will be some second-hand pieces available. WHC will be collecting any used uniforms available, and we will be scheduling a “swap night” in which parents can come in and purchase the second hand pieces at 50% of the full cost of a new uniform. Stay tuned for details on that.


Sneakers: Many parents have been asking about sneakers. The requirement is for white clean sneakers. We are planning to bring some into the Pro-Shop to sell, however, if you require them sooner, Payless does sell plain white sneakers that have been used successfully by many of our younger athletes. Artistic Sole in Tantallon also sells them, but we are planning on bringing some in. Also, some of our Team Moms are planning to do a sneaker swap, whereby parents can bring in sneakers that have been outgrown for newer athletes. More details on this to come as well.

Birthday Parties: Did you know that WHC does Birthday parties? We do! Go here for more information: and email me to book!


Thanks everyone, that’s all for this week! I hope you enjoy your first week of practices!

Erica R.

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