Notices for Monday, May 25, 2015


Hope you are enjoying your break from competitions and regular practices! Judging by how many athletes I saw last night at open gym, I think more than just a few of you are going through cheer withdrawal!

WHC Year End banquet: Just a reminder that our year end banquet is this Saturday, May 30 at 11 am – 1 pm at the Prospect Road Community Center (2141 Prospect Road, Hatchet Lake). Can’t wait to see you all there!!

WHC 2015-2016 Placements: Our first placement date is Sunday, May 31, 2015 and the second placement is Sunday, June 7. If you haven’t pre-registered, please take 5 minutes and do so! has more information.  Also: Please spread the word about placements! Ideas you might have for advertising – I’m all ears! Everyone should promote and share the placement ad on FaceBook as much as possible!

Open Tumbling: Open tumbling continues to be a successful program. Come pop by on Sunday nights from 7-9 pm to work on your skills with coach Derek & Chase! Please remember that unless a WHC head coach is present, please no stunting.

Staffing Announcements: I’m very pleased with the number of applicants received for our various positions. Thanks to everyone who applied, we really appreciate your interest in our company!

Office Managers: WHC is pleased to announce that our new office managers are Sasha Jardine and Aimee Landry. In the meantime, until these ladies are up and running, please send email money transfers to I can also help answer any questions you may have on your account at this time.  They can be reached via They will be at placements, so feel free to chat with these ladies! We are very excited to have them on board!

Scheduling Coordinator: We are very happy to announce that Christine Fyfe will continue being our tumbling scheduling coordinator. Thanks Christine!

Facility Coordinator: We are happy to announce that Michelle Carey and Jennifer Mills will be returning as our 2015-2016 facility coordinators, and Lorna Bowden will be joining them this year!

Pro-shop Coordinator: Our 2015-2016 pro-shop coordinators are Caren Yeomans assisted by Kim Dunlop. Jana Nickerson will be taking on a leadership role in the pro-shop as well for this season! Keep your eyes out for new and exciting WHC swag coming our way!

Fundraising: For the 2015-2016 cheer season, Jennifer Brunt and Amy Dickson will be the fundraising coordinators. Going forward, all fundraising will be handled separately from the official West Halifax Cheerleading, Inc. company and will be entirely managed as a separate entity. Don’t worry we will still have lots of opportunities for fundraise (that won’t be affected) – fundraisers will just be officially managed separately financially, and your individual profit will be applied to your account as a payment.

Team Moms & CIT’s: Thanks to everyone who contacted me with interest in being a Team Mom and/or a Coach in Training next season.  We will be assigning team moms based on the teams the athletes are placed on, the schedule, and how many we think are needed per team. So these positions will be assigned after placements are over.  We thank everyone who has expressed interest in these roles, but there may be too many applicants and not enough positions.

New Coaches: WHC is pleased to introduce a few new tumbling coaches over the next couple of months. Andrea Casey is our first official new tumbling coach. Andrea has a diploma in health and wellness, is a certified personal trainer, is a former cheerleading and gymnastics coach at Titans Gymnastics, and is a former Extreme Athletics athlete.  She’s also a fitness competitor and we’re so glad she’s come to join our WHC coaching staff this season!

Thanks! See you Saturday!

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